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Conditional Syslog from within the HotSpot

The following code shows how to organize debug printing with minimal impact on the loaded system

Print the code emitted by Hotspot assembler

It's not always obvious what assembly will be generated after expanding all the macros of the HotSpot meta-assembly system. The following code shows how to print the actual code generated by HotSpot.

Executing jcmd programmatically

It's often convenient to run jcmd command programmatically from within a testcase to get some information or to adjust options.

How to extract Mac OS xip archive

xip is an old archive format used to distribute XCode.  it's actually an xar format but with ability to be signed. If you installing the same software multiple times and don't want to spend time to verify known to be valid signature, instead of xip -x do the following (you can use xar -x -f instead of bsdtar xvf):

Some thoughts about WFH