Dmitry Samersoff

principal software engineer

Years Exp.: >20
Born date: 23/11/1970
E-mail: dms at samersoff dot net
Home site:

Summary of work experience

    I have good experience in solving complicated technical problems as a member of local and distributed teams as well as strong leadership, mentoring and communication skills.
    I have over twenty years of experience as a team leader, software developer, engineer, network administrator in a variety of industries including Network, Web, Health and Bank Card processing.
    I have profound knowledge of C/C++, TCP/IP, UNIX and Internet; good knowledge of x86, sparc and arm architectures; strong experience in performance optimization and low level debugging.


  • Programming and scripting under variety of UNIX (Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux and other) for x86/x64, sparc and arm architecture. (C/C++, assembler of x86/sparc/arm)
  • Low level Java programming (ASM, JPDA etc). JDK9 adoption, openjdk reviewer credentials.
  • Python/Django programming
  • UNIX system administration and network configuration.
  • Program testing and source management (version control systems like CVS, SVN, mercurial, git; Test harness like jtreg, gtest etc)
  • Project design and documentation (UML, RUP)
  • Leadership and project management (S.M.A.R.T goals; Agile process etc)

Employment history

* Oracle Inc. St.Petersburg, Russia, (01/01/2011 to present)
Principal Software developer (IC-4). Java VM development
Develop JVM runtime and serviceability features. Work on VM postmortem analysis. Solve complicated issues including threading, platform and hardware dependent one.

* Sun Microsystems Inc. St.Petersburg, Russia, (01/06/2005 to 01/01/2011)
Senior software engineer. Tech lead of Java sustaining group.
Coordinate efforts of different parties involving in customer case. Solve complex Java VM issues under customer pressure, being responsible for mission critical cases.  Assist junior team members in theirs work. Got recognized for customer excellence and outstanding performance.

* Avrora Ltd (2005)
Installation supervision and performance turning of high performance network for digital cinema production based on SGI equipment (HIPPY, Arri, Brocade, DDN, etc).

* Assist Co., St.Petersburg, Russia, (2002 - 2005)
Technical director
Managing everyday operations of leading Russian Internet Payment Gateway (, up to thirty direct reports. Strategic planning of company growth, software development planning and management. Communication with VISA/Europay and major Russian banks on technical issues. Driving implementation of modern plastic card processing technology. Hiring and laying off company employees. Designed work and security polices and processes.

* LeviSoft., St.Petersburg, Russia, (2000-2002)
software developer.
Software design and development of Web application using J2EE.
CORBA development.

* Web Plus Co., St.Petersburg, Russia, (1998 - 2000)
software engineer/system administrator
Day-to-day maintenance of life system of large ISP, also writing internal software using C++, Perl, Development of mail management system (including MIME parser/decoder, mail.local, pop3d and so on) using DEC OSF1 C/C++. Everyday administration of Voice-over-IP service based on Lucent equipment. Development of complex accounting and monitoring system for Voice-over-IP service. (C++, PostgreSQL, SCO UnixWare, FreeBSD) Also perform some assistance to postgreSQL developers community.

* Piter publishing Co., St.Petersburg, Russia (1997 - 1998)
webmaster/software developer
Development of web based book store using C++, Perl and PostgreSQL Development of book store operator's workplace using MS Access and ODBC Development and support a number of www sites (e.g. BYTE/Russia)

* STAR Spb Co. St. Petersburg, Russia  (1997)
Development of expert system for high relevancy searching through molecular biology articles (C++, Win32(MSVC)/SUN Solaris) for Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc

* Health department of St.Petersburg (1995 - 1997)
system administrator/software engineer
Planning, set up and support of City level health network, based on Linux, Motorola UNIX, MS Windows NT Also wrote lots of internal utilities to monitor and maintenance of network Develop software to handle flows of medical insurance information (Perl, C) Develop system to construct medical statistic and financial reports (C++, Ms Access, Linux, MS SQL Server).
Development of server part of main program of City's pharmacology support center (C++ Linux)

* North-west trade association St.Petersburg, Russia (1994-1995)
senior software developer
manage of development various internal system and accounting software (MSDOS, C, Modula-2);

* Rumba JV St.Petersburg, Russia (1993-1994)
programmer/system analyst
Planning and set up local area and distributed networks, mostly based on Novell Netware 3.x Development corporate mail management software (Watcom C, Modula-2, Novell Netware (NLM), Novell Btrive) Also wrote set of bindery maintenance utility (Watcom C, Novell developer's library)

* AnGy Ltd. (1992-1993)
system analyst
Planning and set up local area and distributed networks, mostly based on Novell Netware 3.x

Graduate time works

  • Institute of Physiology, Experimental Ecology Division, Effect of Water Pollution on Chromosome Aberration in Mice, 1991
  • Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Tissue genetics Division, Timidine-kinase activity after SEYCHO-HELA Cell Transformation. 1990
  • Institute of Zoology, Molecular taxonomy division, Holocynetik Chromosome Banding in aphides. 1990
  • St. Petersburg State University, Dept of Genetics, Methaphase Chromosome Aberration in Mice. 1989


  • St.Petersburg State University. Biology faculty, Molecular genetics 1987- 1992
  • Tekmetrics certified C++ Programmer, 1999 (Transcript ID: 581)


  • Russian (native)
  • English (fluent)

Personal information

Married, have two sons (2004 and 2011), non-smoking. Have shodan black belt in Hokushin ko-ryu jujutsu.